today i am talking about my hike on tuesday. witch was amazing. we went up on a mountain 1542 feet (470 meters) above sea level to take photos of the sunset. spoiler, we did not make it. the sun was long gone when we got to the top, but we still got a couple of nice photos:

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.

this last week ive been in the woods hiking and jogging almost every day, and its been refreshing to get back to being active after a long vinter and fall with a lot of rain and snow. but now, the MAY-weather and the spring is here.

sailing season is soon here for me as well. havent been sailing for two years and it will be at least a year until i get to sail again. so this spring and summer is all about two things for me… being active and traveling. have seen the price on some plane tickets and its not bad. more photos from all of this will be on the page shortly! but for now follow me on instagram on both of my profiles:


so, thank you for reading, see you tomorrow!

Todays Question: If you got to travel wherever you wanted, where to?



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