The first of many to come!


hi there,

so, welcome to my blog… hah, weird to finally do it.

have thought of this for years. and i have a lot to write about so lets buckle up and start.

i want to start with saying somthing about me and why i have decided to write a blog.

here we go…

my name is MORTEN HALDORSEN. you probably know that. hah. and i am 20 years old (b.1997). and i live on the west coast of NORWAY in this small place with like 12 000 people. so not so very big… hah

i started this page. this narcissistic page, just because i can. i dont have a brand, i dont have a lot of followers, i dont have a YOUTUBE-channel with a million subs or anything that creates a lot of following, but, i have never been that guy who gets that, a lot of followers, a lot of views, i rather just want to write and say whats on my mind and hopefully dont bother anyone with it.


so welcome. and thank you for reading. 🙂