So, read my last posts and saw how awful it looked with all low-cap letters and yeah, so lets stop with that.

What an amazing day it was yesterday! I had a blast shooting a video-project for a local business, we started out with one and hopefully I will become bigger, I dont have a upload schedule for the video, because I need to get it approved and re-edit some part, but for showing to the leader of the company it its more than good, it shows what I want to to perfectly.

On my way out to the car to drive home I saw this totally amazing sunset that was happening. Golden Hour deluxe, so I got in touch with the people working there to have them model for me ad in return they could use the photos for their social-media.

Yesterday I really had no plans, just enjoy my day off and hang out with some friends. So starting a new project was nice. I edited the video on the spot and uploaded it to their server for inspection so now I have to wait for feedback.

Here are the photos i took yesterday:

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.

Summer-feel and warm weather has been the subject here the last couple of days and its been amazing, and the snow was here like a couple of weeks ago! Hope you all had a nice week, and right now I am on my way out on a walk in the woods just up the road here to get the blood pumping.

See you tomorrow for an update of some kind.. 🙂

Todays Question: How was your week?


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