Instagram: What to do?


so been thinking a lot about growing my Instagram Profile, and its not going the way I hoped. Or, I’ve grown by almost a hundred in one year, but hah, that’s not results. And I dont want fake followers, I don’t want dead followers either.

So what do I do?
Ohh, I know it, take good photo’s? No, it it not just the photos, its the entire deliverance of everything. Photo, caption hashtags, geo-tag and friends that can like it when you post it aka followers. And we all have a following from our friends and family. Now it is about finding your niche, and working on it.

Fake it until you make it?
It is the worst ever way to do anything in life, peoples bullshit-radar is bigger now than ever before, and you will definitely fail in the long run.

I wan’t the followers that «care». But no one REALLY does. It’s nothing wrong with that, but everyone is trying to live their life, and if you’re not giving them that extra, you’ll loose and fail. So what am I doing? I have 280 followers? How can I be happy with that? How can i afford to spend so much time building a following when it doesn’t work? Because of everything I’ve just said.

Every comment I give on a strangers photo is genuine. Its real, and what I want to write, I could have commented on every photo and given a fu** in everything, but who’s that helping?

If you can do me this one small favour, stop using Instagram as this thing to be liked and rather get liked because of what you portray on the platform by being you! And trust me on this, everyone is boring, we are just boring in different ways and therefore exiting in different ways.



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